Grainne Broderick

Having spent lengthy periods abroad Gráinne Broderick has found inspiration in diverse ethnic sources such as various forms of sculpture, especially in wrought iron. In particular she has been influenced by the cultural symbolism of the Celtic societies (not surprisingly, perhaps, given her Irish roots), the Americas and Classical Greece.  She has also been drawn to the legends of sea nymphs and other water spirits.

With a background in domestic and commercial interior design, Gráinne curated cultural exhibitions and events before returning to the UK. Having confirmed a passion for jewellery she has developed her skills through classes at Edinburgh College of Art. She finds herself very much at home in the accommodating atmosphere and dynamic creative environment of Coburg House. 

Every piece Gráinne makes is unique and individually hand crafted and nothing gives her greater pleasure than working directly with clients, sharing their ideas and translating vision into artifact.

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